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film pornotube

Customized solutions for single board computers, embedded systems, industrial PCs and HMI systems (Built-to-Order)

Syslogic offers build-to-order industrialPC’s, embedded systems and HMI systems. As one of the few European embeddedmanufacturers Syslogic has its own development and production, including SMDplacement. Thanks to this vertical integration and thirty years of experiencein the embedded market, Syslogic can implement customizations (build-to-order)in a cost- and time-efficient manner. Syslogic offers this service startingfrom quantities as small as 25 copies.

Most embedded manufacturers rely on boardsfrom Asian manufacturers. This means that the configuration capability is verylimited. Syslogic takes a different approach and uses a two-board solution.This consists of a core board and a carrier or main board, which can be adaptedquickly and easily. Syslogic customers thus benefit from a high level offlexibility at an attractive price.

Wider. Deeper. Louder. Also in the embedded industry?

Wider, deeper, louder – the epitome of customizing in the automotive scene. Not so in the embedded industry. This is about adapting an embedded computer or an HMI system so that the device meets customer requirements exactly.
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